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The Flow rail is an example of engineering and design excellence – it is specially designed to stay very close to the edge of your staircase to maximise free space. The rail is only 8cm in diameter and is available in four rail colours to ensure a pleasing match to your décor.

The Flow chair rides on a single rail system on either side of your staircase.

Flow Stairlift

To maximise floor space at the top and bottom of your staircase, the Flow rail can be extended to park the lift around the corner. The features of a Flow stairlift combine to make it a discreet addition to your home.

Flow Stairlift from Thyssen
Flow Stairlift from Thyssen
Flow Stairlift from Thyssen
Flow Stairlift from Thyssen


Where staircase width is a challenge, the ‘Advanced Ride Monitoring System’ of the powered swivel feature turns the chair and footrest to travel past the narrowest staircase sections. This is an exclusive feature of Flow and ensures that Flow is flexible on staircases as narrow as 61cm.

Design Features

The Flow Stairlift is a uniquely versatile stairlift, with the ability to fit with ease onto the most challenging of stair case shapes.


OneFlow dimensions

Overcoming Obstacles

It is often at the bottom of your staircase where most obstacles occur that may impact the installation possibilities of a stairlift. The advanced, single piece, tubular design of the Flow rail has been designed to overcome these obstacles and avoid the need to fit an expensive powered folding style hinge rail at the bottom of your stairs.

Rail Option1: Standard Drop Nose

Rail Option1: Standard Drop Nose

Flow’s standard drop nose is the perfect solution if there is an obstruction such as a door near to the bottom of the stairs. The drop nose requires just 17.5cm of space from the first step.

Rail Option 2: New Vertical ‘ShortStart’ Drop Nose

Rail Option2: New Vertical ‘Short Start’ Drop Nose

Where space is even tighter at the bottom then the ‘shortstart’ drop nose can be installed, it only requires 10cm of space at the bottom.

Rail Option 4: 180° Parking Curve

Rail Option 3: New Zero Protrusion Vertical Rail

Flow is equally at home on the inside of the staircase which also enables a neat parking curve to be placed at the bottom of the stairs.

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